About Full-Circle-Publications

My company came about for three main reasons. Writing a book is a way of leaving information for future generations, a way to say, I was here or we were here and made a contribution. Full-Circle-Publications is a small company.

Full-Circle-Publications also supplies interesting and useful products associated with particular books.

About Bea

Beatrice Hughes: Quilter, quilt teacher, author, presenter, and founder of Full-Circle-Publications.

Beatrice Hughes: Quilter, quilt teacher, author, presenter, and founder of Full-Circle-Publications.

     I am a quilter, quilt teacher, quilt book author and have given presentations to quilting guilds. I have taught for about twenty years. Many of my books sold at quilt show vending booths, where I could take time to talk to customers and show them work samples.

     The book, Quilted Star and Logo Banner, published in 2008 and now out of print, was my first self-published book and an exciting accomplishment. It gave directions on how to make an eleven-pointed star. You can see the design in the lapel pin still for sale on this site.

     My second quilting book, Crazy for Lemoyne, published in 2010, also an exciting process, was easier to complete. It is about making a Lemoyne Star quilt block using scraps of fabric. You can see part of two stars in the photo of me to the right. When this book is sold out, it will be out of print. There are only a few left in inventory.

      The Big Color Combinations Handbook, my third book, illustrates a choir of colors that blend well together and people say it is an excellent color reference book. Check it out on this site. Read the reviews. Two other books not listed here are out of publication. 

     Now I am slowly working on a novel that includes a character who quilts, autos and mystery. It is a fun process entwining the characters and developing the plot. A lot of research is necessary.

     I still quilt but have less time to do so. One of my quilts I am most proud of is a modern art quilt titled Nebulae. It is a quilt that I put many hours into design and construction and is probably the most complex quilting project I did. I wrote notes about the process and progress, which kept my attention and kept me on track during that project. it won two blue ribbons and a best of show at quilt exhibits.

     My company is Full-Circle-Publications. My sales web site is fcp123.com.

    Education included graphic design and that degree, completed in 1993, from Lansing Community College, in Michigan helped me in my self-publishing. My Bachelor degree in business, completed in 1985, came from Radford University in Virginia. My interest outside of quilting and writing is music and I played trumpet for many years. My quilting skills are better than my musical skills. Music still plays a big part in my life.

     Mentioned above, I have less time to quilt, to write and I gave up playing music in groups. I gave up vending. My attention to these activities took a turn when my husband, diagnosed with dementia, became completely dependent on me and I began to take care of him and all the normal household duties two people would share.  The course of his dementia is in slow increments. Capabilities, understanding and communication change gradually. The hours of respite care I find helps us both cope. The inability to vend slowed the sale of my books considerably and I am thinking about winding down the business. This is a tough decision, one not yet fully decided.

     That is a summary of who I am. I hope you enjoy quilting as much as I do.