The Big Color Wheel Combinations Handbook


The Big Color Wheel Combinations Handbook


A color wheel is a tool that shows twelve colors that relate to each other. These twelve colors contain groups of colors that harmonize with each other. These harmony groups include the following combinations: three-color triads, four-color tetrads, five-color pentads, six-color hexads, seven-color heptads and eight-color octads. Color wheels that list color harmonies often use lines that connect these harmonies together. If you want to view only the colors in a particular harmony, it is impossible to see just those colors because the remaining colors, not in that harmony, still show.

This book breaks the color wheel down into harmonious color combinations. It subtracts the colors not in a particular harmony and shows only the colors in a harmonious group. You can see the color harmony placement on the color wheel. You can see how the harmonious colors look together. Finally, you can see their overall impact and begin to judge how to use these together in a project.

This Book Includes

  • 148 pages
  • 290 illustrations
  • 108 color wheel combinations
  • 133 design examples
  • Poem titled Color Wheel
  • Lay-flat spiral bound with spine
  • Beatrice Hughes, Author
  • ISBN 978-0-615-64430-1
  • LCCN 2012938015
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Color Knowledge Impacts Many Artistic Careers

  • Advertising
  • Animation
  • Architecture
  • Art Director
  • Book Illustration
  • Cake Decorating
  • Cartoonist
  • Clothing
  • Clothing Merchandiser
  • Costume
  • Crafter
  • Facets of Instructional Art & Design
  • Fashion
  • Fashion Merchandiser
  • Fine Artist
  • Fine Woodworker
  • Floral
  • Graphic
  • Industrial
  • Interior 
  • Jewelry
  • Kitchen and Bath
  • Landscape
  • Lighting
  • Mobil
  • Movie Set
  • Photographer
  • Product
  • Quilt Artist
  • Television Set
  • Textile
  • Web Site

What are People Saying About The Big Color Wheel Combinations Handbook?

"The subject is explained thoroughly and the examples are very clear and easy to understand. The color chip swatch is a great asset. I think Bea outdid herself in every way."

- Phyllis

"I showed the head of the fashion merchandise program the book. She said it was wonderful and she would consider using it in the next year curriculum."

- Jamie

"The print colors are beautiful."

- Sharon

"This book will help me so much with color, because I’m always second guessing my color choices".

- Lori

"When I first perused your 'work in progress,' I thought how I wished that I had had it as a reference in my undergrad design classes and even suggested to you that you market the Color Wheel book to design instructors. It is so well organized, filled with the best examples and is beautiful as well."

- Karen

"This book is a valuable resource for artists, interior designers and quilters. All the work has been done for you regarding color theory. The book is a must own for anyone who works with color."

- Annette

"It is truly a fantastic reference."

- K

"Bea’s book has provided me with an efficient and helpful tool to use in choosing color combinations and fabric placement for my quilting projects. I am grateful for this valuable, visual collection of relationships and ideas!"

- Mary Anne

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